Choice of cuff processing
4 pocket types
29 colors
11 hood options
3 hoodie lengths
Classic, straight, or oversized fit.
You can choose the length, cut, cuff style, pocket type, hood style, color, and size.
Create your own hoodie
Our French terry fabric is made of more than 80% cotton — a natural, breathable material that resists the formation of lint.
We will personally sew your hoodie in our own factory, according to the options you’ve chosen. This is not mass-market production.
Choose the fabric, length, color, cuffs, hood/collar, and pocket style — the price is the same for any combination of options (except for any additional features).
Premium fabrics
Customised sewing
Reasonable price
Have you been searching for ages for THAT ONE AND ONLY hoodie with the perfect hood or style of pockets? It's time for you to choose!